If you're looking for the best in bespoke, vintage and preloved Wedding, Prom and Bridesmaid Dresses and Gowns, then My Secret Attic, located in the heart of Darlington in the North East, is the place to come.


Come and see my original made-to-measure Bridal, Evening and Prom Gowns and Bridesmaid Dresses, including original medieval and 50s styles. Plus a Wedding and Prom Dress alteration and repair service. I offer bespoke gowns to suit all budgets and tastes from contemporary to Gothic to Period costume. I specialise in 1950s-style wedding and prom dresses and also the fuller figured ladies. I am also the local stockist for Lilly's amazing dresses.


I pride myself on having the most extensive stock of  vintage dresses in the North-East: over 200 original dresses from all eras, in excellent condition. These can be upcycled or customised to any size. Prices range from £150 to over £1000.


I also stock an extensive range of ex-sample and pre loved gowns and dresses in Bridal, Evening and Prom wear, including many from Rembo styling. Many are brand new with the labels still attached. I aim to keep the prices from £100-£1000 and most offer a saving of 70% off RRP. I can also provide a hoop hire service.


I stock a huge range of made to order and ready made jewellery and Tiaras and Headpieces and Fascinators andprovide a discounted dry cleaning service for your special gowns.


I'm thrilled to announce my new Etsy Shop, Eclectic Bride, from which you can purchase some of my exciting new designs directly.


Although I can sometimes accommodate walk-in clients, to guarantee a free 90 minute consultation, please book an appointment here.

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